As intensity for the presidential campaigns should be growing, Hillary Clinton’s rally venues seem to be shrinking.

Hillary will be appearing at Temple University’s Mitten Hall this afternoon for what is calling an “organizing event” — in other words, a rally.

Photos show the small venue with only five rows of chairs:

Other photos show there can’t be more than 200 seats available for supporters. “This place is…not large,” reporter Anna Orso observed.

Politico’s Michael Grunwald also noted the venue’s small size.

“Very small hall,” he reported, “Maybe 2% the size of a Trump rally.”

Meanwhile, some used the small location as a place to catch up on some sleep.

Fox News producer Jesse Watters found on Millennial leaning against a pillar, mouth gaping open and fast asleep.

So this is the vibe at the Hillary Clinton “rally” right now… #imwithher #turnup

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