Hillary Clinton was quick to pile on with those criticizing the Charlotte police over an officer-involved shooting on Tuesday.

Also referring to a shooting in Oklahoma, Clinton said, “There is still much we don’t know about what happened in both incidents, but we do know that we have two more names to add to ta list of African-Americans killed by police officers in these encounters.

“It’s unbearable, and it needs to become intolerable,” she said on Wednesday, according to the New York Times.

But after two nights of rioting and violence, she has been slow — in fact, has done nothing — to denounce the attacks on white bystanders, assaults on police officers, mass looting and destruction of private property.

Her Twitter account has been silent, except for retweeted a spoof interview with a comedian.


Oh, and she did her best to keep the birther controversy alive.

It’s the same story with her Facebook page.


She shared the “Funny or Die” video, and posted a call in Spanish to register to vote, but nothing about the agitators and their actions.

There’s no mention of the chaos on her campaign blog, nor a statement that has been made publicly available.

The last blog entry calls for an end to “environmental racism.”