Hillary Clinton’s running mate has a new target for his ire: merchandise for sale on Donald Trump’s website.

During a rally in Houston on Friday, Tim Kaine complained about buttons that read “Hillary Clinton For Prison 2017” that are available in Trump’s online store.

“Trump’s going to name-call Hillary Clinton. No surprise he’s not going to recognize her decades of dedication, right?” Kaine said.

“Did you know this? On the Trump official website, right now, they are selling buttons that say ‘Hillary for Prison.’ This is not a guy who made up some buttons and is selling them in a parking lot.

“No, this is on their official website trying to make money selling buttons that say ‘Hillary for Prison,'” Kaine said.

Trump is offering the “Hillary Clinton for Prison 2017” buttons as part of a set, according to the listing on his campaign site.


A set of three with different designs — including one featuring an generic figure in a striped pant suit — is available for $6.

“There’s only one place for Hillary Clinton and it’s not the White House,” the listing reads.