Doctors said Hillary Clinton’s “pneumonia” wasn’t contagious, but her lack of energy apparent is.

Jordan Chariton from the left-wing news site “The Young Turks” was on-location for Hillary’s Durham, New Hampshire appearance on Wednesday with Bernie Sanders.

The reporter for the site, which has been decidedly pro-Bernie during the election, captured the palpable malaise at the rally.

“We’re about 10-15 minutes before Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders,” Chariton said.

“Gotta keep it real: We were outside coming in, I think my left toe has more excitement than what I saw out there.”

“Well, I think I think we’re missing I feel is Hillary can be a little, uh, bland,” University of New Hampshire student Melissa Clivio-Wentrup told Chariton. “Robotic, bland, almost doesn’t speak to our level,” she added.

Chariton filmed campaign workers struggling to inject some enthusiasm in the crowd.

They raced through the aisles attempting to spark cheers, with little success.

After the pair was delayed, Chariton reported, “I would say for the first half hour of being here, the decibel level was about a 2 out of 10.

“It looks like some of the people tasked with getting people excited and energized are having trouble doing that,” he said.

A rally speaker picked up on the low energy and challenged attendees to fire up.

New Hampshire Senate Minority Leader Jeff Woodburn said, “Let’s put our hands together for Hillary Clinton, come on now, let’s go!

“And Bernie Sanders, too, let’s hear it,” he said.

“We’ve gotta get you guys ginned up, come on, we really gotta get going here,” he added.