The University of Wisconsin – LaCrosse appears to be on a roll these days.

uw-lacrosse-halloween-costumesThe hyper-sensitive campus is set to host a review of student’s Halloween costumes to ensure they do not come across as racist.

UWL made headlines recently for a student’s outrage at a Harry Potter-character themed mural that, the student claimed, depicted “Man power. Cis power. Able power. Class power.”

In a comical attempt to avoid offending anyone else on campus, the Ethnic and Racial Studies Department of UW LaCrosse (which offers students classes in white privilege and “Food and Race in the United States”) is holding a Halloween costume review on October 5th.

“Is Your Costume Racist?” a poster for the event queries passersby.

Politically correct sensitivity at UWL already led to the resident Hate Response Team investigating sidewalk chalk that simply read “Trump,” “Build the wall,” and “All Lives Matter” because the words and phrases were deemed discriminatory and “hostile.”

Last December, a school official asked local law enforcement to investigate a truck driver who displayed a rebel flag on the grille of his tractor-trailer. The driver worked for a private company that was participating in a building project on campus. The official, Paula Knudson who was a vice chancellor, then apologized to students for the fear and angst” caused by the truck. Several UWL students harassed workers at the job site when they saw the flag.