Even Debbie Wasserman-Schultz knows Hillary Clinton will need to be carried to the finish line.

While trying to whip up a lethargic crowd in Coral Springs, Florida on Friday, the woman who paved the way at the DNC for Clinton’s nomination, said her supporters will have to carry Hillary on their shoulders to the White House.

“Let’s get this place wound up!” Schultz yelled, trying to fire up the crowd.

“I want to hear my people down here in south Florida,” she said. “I know you have a little more adrenaline than I’m feeling in this room right now, don’t you?”

She then implored attendees to sign up to help Hillary.

“Because there is so much as stake in this election and we have to make sure that we can carry Hillary Clinton on our shoulders to the White House in 38 days from now,” Schultz said.