Hillary Clinton attempted to stave off a coughing fit in Fort Pierce, Florida on Friday by repeatedly clearing her throat and popping in a lozenge.

At first, it appeared she was getting emotional about a line she was delivering from the teleprompter.

But then it became apparent she was about to have another coughing fit.

As the crowd cheered and she attempted to wait for the lozenge to take effect, she coughed and her voice became noticably thin.


It’s at least the second time since she has overcome a reported case of “pneumonia.”

In Washington, DC earlier this month, Hillary attempted to hide some coughs, but a hot mic caught them.

Clinton tried her best to not act like she was hacking by not covering her mouth and holding still.

As she exited, turning her back to the stage, she could be seen coughing again — and covering it with the hand she uses to shake hands with voters.