Seating was not an issue during Hillary Clinton’s appearance at a black church in Charlotte, North Carolina on Sunday morning.

Clinton hammered on themes of “systemic racism,” white privilege and police brutality to the overwhelmingly black audience in an apparent effort to shore up that sector of support.

But as video shows, there apparently wasn’t much clamoring to hear her speak.

Here’s a shot as the camera panned out to show the congregants. Except for the first couple rows, the pews were sparsely filled.


“We need end to end reform in our criminal justice system,” Clinton told congregants at Little Rock AME Zion Church (because she thinks most blacks are criminals?).

“Not half measures but full measures with real follow through. In America, everyone should be respected by the law, and have respect for the law.”

At one point, Clinton called a little girl to the podium. “I love the dress,” she said with a new-found drawl in her voice.

“You know, God loves us all, right? And we are called to care for and cherish each other. It’s not easy,” Clinton said.

“Protecting all of God’s children is America’s calling,” the abortion proponent told the congregants.

Here are her remarks:

An August poll found Donald Trump has the support of 32% of black voters in North Carolina, the Daily Caller reported.