If Barack and Michelle Obama had their way, they’d likely never leave the White House.

While campaigning for Hillary Clinton in Charlotte, North Carolina today, the first lady lamented having to leave the executive mansion.

“I can’t believe it’s almost Election Day,” Michelle Obama said.

“And we’re coming to the end of my family’s time in the White House,” she continued to boos.

“As I’ve said, it’s fine,” she said before complimenting Hillary Clinton.

“But as I’ve been traveling around campaigning, I’ve just been sharing I’m a little mixed about this time, it’s a little bittersweet because we are experiencing a time of great transition.

“After me and Barack and Sasha and Malia and Beau and Sunny and grandma — all of us — as we figure out what we’re going to do next,” she continued as some in the audience shouted out for her to run for office.

“My husband’s gotta get a job. Somebody’s gotta hire that man. They making us move, so we’re getting a new house,” Obama said.

“We’ve gotta pack up the old house and as Barack said, we’ve gotta make sure we get our security deposit back, so we’re working on that.”

It’s the second time in less than two months that the Obamas have seemed to have an unwillingness to leave to leave.

Back in August, the president told an interviewer his family is being “forced out” of the White House.

“Have you taken any divots out of the South Lawn here?” he was asked by the Golf Channel’s David Feherty.

“The rough’s a little thick here, I don’t practice that much,” the president responded.

“You know, I’m a… I’m not a hack,” Obama said, divulging about his golf game he’s worked extensively on during some 300 rounds during his presidency.

“But I’m not quitting my day job.”

“Actually you are quitting your day job fairly shortly,” Feherty jumped in, referring to the president’s term expiring in January.

“Then I may get good. I’m being forced out, I didn’t quit,” Obama said.

Then talking about his game again, he said, “I’m an honest 13 (handicap). I think my irons are good. My drive is straight but unimpressive in length.”

So will he actually leave? We’ll find out in January.