Tim Kaine continued his weird behavior today as he struggled to interact with a subdued audience of students.

While campaigning for Hillary Clinton in Pittsburgh today, Kaine — sporting shades while strutting the stage with a handheld mic — told the audience that he needs to just be likeable enough to win.

“But I’ll be honest with you, I barely win my races,” he told the crowd at Carnegie Mellon.

“I’m barely likeable enough, people — barely likeable enough.”

After apparently only one person responded, he said, “Alright, I’ve got at least one person who likes me here!”

He then urged the students to go into politics because the likeability threshold to be successful is so low.

“Politics is a pretty good gig. You name me one other line of work where 51% like you and 49% don’t and that’s success!”

“I mean, you’re a real winner,” he said.

A Politico reporter noted Kaine was “not quite packing them in” at the rally, which may account for the subdued response to Kaine’s attempted standup routine.