While Hillary Clinton chastises Donald Trump for his “locker room talk,” she had no problem clucking with Lena Dunham about the time Lenny Kravitz’s penis popped out of his pants.

Dunham interviewed Clinton in 2015 and the topic of Kravitz’s “wardrobe malfunction” during a Stockholm concert, viewable here, came up.

“Did you see the footage when his pants split?” Dunham asked Clinton.

“No, I missed that,” she replied.

“I mean, his stuff fell out of his pants,” Dunham said.

“Yeah, you think I could get that,” Clinton said, with Dunham adding, “You can get that on YouTube.”

“It’s on YouTube? Good, I’ll look for that,” Clinton said.

If Donald Trump had said something similar on camera, wouldn’t it be considered “lock room talk,” if not more?