After a weeks-long disappearance, Hillary Clinton’s mystery aide is back by her side.

The man, who some have said is a medical aide, could be seen quickly appearing as Hillary was making her entrance into a Miami rally with Al Gore on Tuesday.

Watch for the man in the tan suit suddenly appear behind her:

As she moved about 10 feet onto the stage, he did not move to follow her.

While some have claimed he is a Secret Service agent, his behavior today — not being in position while the candidate was making her entrance — would lend credence to the idea that he serves another purpose.

Matt Drudge pointed out today the man hasn’t been seen with Clinton since her dramatic collapse on September 11.

“Mysterious medical/security agent has NOT been seen by Hillary’s side [or anywhere] ONCE since the 911 seizure,” Drudge tweeted today. “What did they do with him?!”

Prior to Clinton’s collapse, he was regularly at Clinton’s side.

On September 6th, he could be seen exiting the front seat of her motorcade van before venturing to the side — away from the awaiting cameras — then emerging with Clinton.

Questions began after the same man was seen rushing to Hillary’s side at an early August Las Vegas rally after a small group of protesters began yelling near the stage.

He could be seen putting his arm around her, urging her to continue talking, and waving off Secret Service agents, despite the potential security threat not being contained.

“You’re okay,” he could be heard saying on the hot mic. “Keep talking,” he said as she stood in silence.

“We’ll handle it. We’re not going anywhere,” he said. “Keep talking.”

“Okay, we’ll keep talking,” Clinton told the audience.