Illegal aliens were photographed charging their ankle monitors during a campaign event at Hillary Clinton’s Pittsburgh office on Thursday.

Movimento Cosecha, which urges “Dignity, Respect, Permanent Protection for the immigrant community,” tweeted a photo of the moment.

A group, known as the “Buffalo 25,” occupying Clinton’s office with sleeping bags, effectively sought asylum there.

Clinton’s campaign staff reportedly called the police as the activists created a new headache for Hillary:

In this video livestreamed on Facebook, a group member could be seen “negotiating” with police outside the front door.

The #buffalo25 have taken over Hillary Pittsburgh main campaign office. Support at

Posted by Movimiento Cosecha on Thursday, November 3, 2016

The group is vowing to “shut down” Clinton’s Pittsburgh rally on Thursday, and is vowing to return to the same office, or disrupt others in battle ground states.

On the ankle monitors, the LA Times reported in 2015:

GPS ankle monitors are becoming standard equipment for immigration officials along the border. In July, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, or ICE, used about 9,300 ankle monitors at a time — 40% more than about six months ago. They are run by a government contractor, BI Inc., a subsidiary of the country’s second-largest prison company, which also operates immigration detention centers.

Officials say the monitors are a cheap and effective way to ensure that immigrants released from detention attend court hearings.

The monitors cost an average of $5 a day per person, according to an ICE spokesman, and are part of the agency’s Alternatives to Detention program, which also may require immigrants to report by phone or in person. In contrast, detention costs an average of $130 per day per person, and can cost over $330 at some detention centers.