Hillary Clinton is looking for supporters who will help her contest the presidential election results in Michigan.

In an email to fans on Wednesday afternoon, Katie Kelly,”Michigan State Lead” for Hillary for America, writes:

In the weeks since the heartbreak of Election Day, our campaign has taken a number of steps to verify the accuracy of the vote tally in a few critical battleground states — and to this point, we’ve found no evidence that would change the outcome.

But as you might have heard, now that others have asked for a recount of the vote here in Michigan, we will participate to make sure everyone who voted for Hillary in this state has their interests represented.

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“That’s where you come in — we need all hands on deck,” she continued, asking for readers to sign up to volunteer.

The email includes a big red “I can help” button where supporters can sign up.


Kelly contends participating in the recount is necessary to ensure it is “conducted fairly, that the results from the recount are accurate, and that history remembers the incredible work this team has done together.”

Donald Trump won the state by 10,704 votes, according to the Detroit Free Press.

A recount is expected to cost state taxpayers as much as $1 million.