Pastor Dave Grisham filmed himself Saturday standing in an Amarillo, Texas mall and heckling children as they waited in line to meet Santa.

He walked up to the line of families waiting to meet Santa and announced, “Kids, I want to tell you today that there is no such thing as Santa Claus. Santa Claus does not exist.”

He continued, “The Christmas season is about Jesus. Jesus was born 2,016 years ago. He was born in a manger in a small town called Bethlehem.”

The pastor, who said he was with “Last Frontier Evangelism,” then turned his focus to the parents.

“Parents, y’all need to stop lying to your children and telling them that Santa Claus is real, when in fact, he’s not.

“When you substitute the lies of Santa Claus in heart of your child for the truth of Jesus Christ, you are bearing false witness against God,” he declared.

“Don’t lie to your children and tell them there’s such thing as Santa, when you know in reality that there are no flying reindeer, there is no workshop of the North Pole, there is no elves making toys, that you buy all gifts and put them under tree. That’s all the truth!”

Grisham continued to walk back-and-forth near the line of families, as few turned to look at him — and even fewer were likely converted to his cause.

“That’s enough!” one person shouted.

Another parent eventually confronted him, repeatedly asking him to “Stop.”

But Grisham was relentless.

“Kids, there is no Santa! Santa’s not real!” he continued as other parents confronted him. He then walked away and stopped his recording.