Democrats — who once demanded Donald Trump accept the election results — are now trying to rig the Electoral College vote in their favor next Monday.

If electors fulfill their obligation and follow the will of the voters for their individual state, Trump should receive a total of 306 Electoral College votes.

But Democrats are demanding Republican electors change their votes to thwart a Trump victory.

Appearing on CNN, bitter Congressman Jim Himes said his plot is not because Trump is a Republican (wink wink), but because he’s “temperamentally unfit” to be president.

To her credit, anchor Kate Bolduan wasn’t buying his line.

“That was the line of the campaign for Hillary Clinton. That was decided on November 8th. Elections have consequences. How is this not partisan?” she asked.

After Himes admitted his scheme has a “very low probability” of succeeding, Bolduan interjected, “How about zero?” in a ridiculing tone.

Himes believes Americans will look back and wonder if they could have done anything to block Trump.

But Bolduan still wasn’t buying his College coup.

“This is the system we work within and the country elected Donald Trump as president,” she said.

Himes defended his idea to get electors — many of them legally bound to vote for a particular candidate — to change their vote.

“What I’m proposing is exactly the system as it is set up by the Constitution. I’m not proposing anything here that is extra-legal. We have an Electoral College. The Electoral College is made up of people who have judgement. I’m just saying the Electoral College should exercise its judgement,” he said.

So far, Democrats have convinced only one Republican elector to flip. Another resigned his position, claiming he couldn’t vote for Trump. His position will be filled by an alternate elector.