The animosity towards the mainstream media was palpable in West Allis, Wisconsin on Tuesday as Donald Trump detailed the economic contraction under Presidents Obama and Clinton.

In the latest stop on his “Thank You Tour,” Trump said, “America has lost one-third of our manufacturing jobs since NAFTA. We’re lost 70,000 factories. Think of it — 70,000 — doesn’t even sound like it’s possible.”

“And I know it’s right because I’ve said it for the last month and a half and they never corrected me, so it has to be,” Trump continued, pointed at the media at the back of the room.

Seconds later, boisterous chants of “CNN sucks!” filled the room.

Trump stood smiling as the crowd chanted for 15 seconds.

“It is hard to believe — look at all those cameras. Look at all that live television,” he said, again pointing to the media riser.

“They were devastated on November 8th,” Trump said to loud cheers.