An eagle-eyed CNN viewer is claiming the third-place cable news network aired fake footage from a popular video game during a report on alleged Russian hacking.

Here’s the clip:

CNN broadcast the report and featured video of it — complete with a still image of the code — on its website:


It only lasted about two seconds, but a Reddit user says the footage of the archaic screen with code is actually from a video game called “Fallout 4.”

As BGR reports:

In Fallout 4 — as well as Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas — the player can hack computers to gain information or unlock doors and safes. It’s performed like a word puzzle, where the player has to find a specific word in a huge mess of letters and random characters. It’s simple but fun, but it has absolutely nothing in common with actual hacking, which is what makes it perfect for mainstream news viewers.

Here’s the evidence “Poofylicious” posted on the social site:


Note the red arrows for comparison purposes.

So did CNN really use footage from a video game?