Leftists agitators turned violent again outside a Milo Yiannopoulos event, this time at UC Davis on Friday.

ABC 10 reporter Frances Wang posted several tweets showing the fascist tactics and melee created by protesters outside the venue.

Wang reports someone poured hot coffee on her cameraman an his equipment as she was conducting an interview.

Video shows agitators rushing the barricades set up around the meeting hall and a protester, who entered the building, being dragged out.

Another video showed a man wearing a red Donald Trump “Make America Great Again” hat being pushed by agitators and his hat ripped off.

Two female Trump supporters stood in the street, with one woman holding her hat as if she was waiting to be attacked.

They stood their ground as a protester blew a whistle in their faces.

Milo was joined by Martin Shkreli — who was going to debate Yiannopoulos — and he became a target, as well.

As he greeted fans out on the sidewalk, Wang reports someone threw dog poop in his face.

Someone could be heard yelling, “You piece of sh*t,” as he wiped his face.