It may have been the Chicago Cubs’ day at the White House, but that didn’t stop President Obama from repeatedly talking about himself while honoring them.

In what he called his final ceremony at the White House, Obama delivered roughly 22 minutes of remarks about the Cubs’ World Series win, and in the process, managed to refer to himself 40 times.

“I will say to the Cubs, ‘it took you long enough,'” Obama said, before regaling the team with his memories about being a White Sox fan.

“Those of you from Chicago have known me for a long time. It is no secret that there is a certain South Side team that, you know, has my loyalty,” the president said.

“For me the drought hasn’t been as long,” Obama said, telling the audience the White Sox won the World Series 11 years ago.

He acknowledged he doesn’t have the “same visceral joy of some in this White House.”

He then said what it meant to Michelle to see the Cubs win the championship.

Obama observed that both he and catcher David Ross are both on a “year-long retirement party.”

Finally, after over five minutes of talking, he got around to talking about the team’s remarkable season.