Taking a page out of Black Lives Matter’s playbook, Obamacare supporters entered a restaurant in Donald Trump’s New York City hotel and confronted diners on Sunday.

About 20 people staged a “cough-in,” interrupting patrons Sunday morning.

Video shows the liberal activists, called “Rise & Resist,” coughing repeatedly inside the Jean Georges restaurant at Trump International Hotel and Tower, and standing up and unfurling signs reading, “We Need Obamacare” and “Trumpcare Makes Us Sick.”

They chanted the same slogans as they exited the restaurant.

A lone voice could be heard responding, “You cannot keep your doctor.”

They were eventually escorted away from the building by police officers.

Meanwhile, agitators assembled near Central Park and chanted “We need Obamacare, Trumpcare makes us sick.”

While it was an overwhelmingly geriatric crowd, a child held a sign reading, “Cats and kids against capitalism.”

A woman held an anti-capitalism sign, too. Hers read, “Fight capitalist cut backs. Single payer now.”