People who claim to care about the environment left enough evidence behind at a recent protest site to make others wonder about their sincerity.

Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall tweeted aerial footage of the Dakota Access protest camp Standing Rock Reservation in North Dakota showing fields of trash left after the so-called “environmentalists” abandoned the site.

The footage shows huge front end loaders picking up tents, blankets, refuse, uneaten food, chairs and other items left by activists.

The view from the air is even more shocking:

Crews worked diligently to clean up the mess left by the “environmentalists” before spring flooding hit the area.

“It’s unfortunate,” one man said. “It goes against what they’re fighting against — leaving that stuff and abandoning it.”

One hundred people have been helping to clean up the mess. Locals think it will take “weeks” to get rid of all the waste. They’re being forced to chip away at snow and ice that has been buried by the protesters.

Churches and locals are picking through the unused food, and they plan to repurpose the blankets and tents.

“North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum, the Standing Rock Sioux tribe leadership, local law enforcement and local landowners have all warned the public and those still camped of the dangerous spring flooding expected due to the heavy amount of snowfall the state received this winter,” Acting assistant secretary of Indian affairs Michael S. Black said, according to the Portland Press-Herald.

“The closing of the camps is a matter of public health and safety and working together at this time will allow for the safe removal of waste and debris that will impact the local environment and protection of those camped.”

Shortly after taking office, President Trump “ordered the Army Corps of Engineers to expedite review of an easement for the pipeline to run under Lake Oahe” to create the Keystone XL Pipeline.