MTV News “senior political correspondent” Ana Marie Cox admitted this morning that she is taking part in the protests against President Donald Trump.

Appearing on “Morning Joe” on Tuesday, Cox disputed the claim that protesters across the country are getting paid to complain about Trump, saying, “I haven’t gotten my check yet.”

When asked about what impact the various groups of malcontents will have on Trump’s presidency, Cox responded, “This is problem we get into about not agreeing on reality, right?

“If you have a group of people who really, truly seem to believe that these are paid protesters that are out there — I mean, I wonder, I haven’t gotten my check yet,” she said.

“I don’t know if you sign up for benefits or what,” she continued. “The meetings are a mess, let me tell you that,” she said in an apparent sarcastic fashion.

She went on to claim that using the phrase “outside agitation” is a phrase “reminiscent of the Nixon era.”