While many American children are interested in Pokemon and Minecraft, at least one kid in New Jersey is demanding to know what his congressman is going to do about Russian “hacking”.

In what some consider to be a planted question, a child asked Congressman Leonard Lance “will you hold Russia accountable for hacking and how?”

The question, which begins at about 1:20 of this video, was met with cheers from the audience that was frequently hostile to the Republican congressman.

“Yes,” Lance replied.

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“I favor continued sanctions on Russia,” he continued as the child exclaimed, “Yes!”

“I favor perhaps even increasing the sanctions,” Lance said as the boy yelled “Yes!” even louder.

After Lance said he prefers new National Security Advisor HR McMaster to Michael Flynn, the child replied, “Yes, yes, that is true.”

On Wednesday, the Free Beacon reported that a Democratic congressman admitted the hostile crowds are being organized:

Rep. Ted Lieu (D., Calif.) said on Wednesday that protests at town hall events across the country held by Republican members of Congress are organized. …

MSNBC’s Hallie Jackson asked Lieu whether the protesters were organized to come into Republican districts to hold demonstrations. Lieu said that Trump was wrong and called them “organic, grassroots protests.”

“But Congressman, there are groups though, right? You don’t deny that there are groups of more liberal activists who are helping to organize some of these protests at town halls?” Jackson asked.

“Well, yes, there are groups that are organizing people to show up at town halls, but these are people who are constituents of these members of congress,” Lieu said.

So was the kid asking about Russian hacking a plant?