The anti-Trump media was caught in lies over the weekend when at least two publications claimed President Trump went golfing on Saturday when he didn’t.

The New York Daily News “reported” Trump was “golfing for the ninth time since taking office.”

The newspaper used the golf course meeting location to tee off on Trump:

It must be Saturday — the President went golfing.

President Trump — who regularly lambasted his predecessor for spending too much time playing the sport — is golfing for the ninth time since taking office seven weeks ago.

The President is golfing at Trump National Golf Club in Potomac Falls, Va., lunching with a few members of his cabinet — and taking the time to OK the firing of U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara.

So far, Trump is teed up to be one of the most prolific golfers to hold the Oval Office.

While the Daily News claimed Trump was “caught in something of a sand trap,” the paper’s reporting requires a mulligan.

The Hill posted a report on Trump’s Saturday meeting with staffers and Cabinet members, but included a misleading photo of Trump golfing on another occasion.

Trump social media director Dan Scavino chided the publication for using the photo.

“Giving followers the wrong impression of @POTUS golfing right now,” he wrote, adding, “He’s here working.”

CBS’s Mark Knoller, however, correctly reported the president visited the golf club for the meeting, not to hit the links.

His post showed the president sitting at a large table with his advisors for a “2 hr 10 min lunch.”

Golf Digest reports President Obama played 306 rounds of golf while in office.

“The 306 rounds over eight years averages out to a little more than 38 rounds a year, which is well above the national average of 19.3,” according to the magazine.

The New York Daily News didn’t feign similar outrage over those stats.