We asked this a few weeks ago, but seriously, is something wrong with Nancy Pelosi?

During a press conference today in which she set out to attack President Trump’s budget outline, she slammed the “stupid economy” as she criticized proposed cuts to federal education programs.

“More than $9 billion cut from education,” Pelosi told reporters.

“Now remember this: Nothing brings more money to the treasury than investment in education. So when Republicans say ‘We need to reduce the deficit and therefore we must cut education,’ that is a stupid economy because, again, nothing,” she said, pausing briefly before the memorized talking point kicked in, and continuing, “brings more money to the treasury to reduce the deficit than the education of the American people.”

Later, she repeated words like a muttering bum.

“Our mission is about the future, it’s about the future and that future demands that we invest in education, in health, in health and well being of the American people, and our families, for our children, our children, our children,” she said.

Turing her sights to the upcoming holiday, she said, “So I wish you a happy St. Patrick’s Day. As we have St. Patrick’s Day lunch, we have have a common — a moment of uh, of um, what?” and burst into laughter.

“A moment of comity, of comity, of good will in honor of St. Patrick. Hopefully that will carry us through, but this budget is really a slap in the face of the future,” Pelosi said.

Some Democrats may be wondering if Pelosi’s ramblings and bizarre behavior are a slap in the face to their party’s future.

Note: This was updated to change “comedy” to “comity.”