An illegal immigrant detained for re-entering the United States was found dead after authorities say he hung himself in a jail cell.

Mexican citizen Norberto Santa Cruz was arrested by U.S. Border Patrol agents and held at the El Paso County Jail, Al Dia reports.

Santa Cruz died at a hospital on Saturday, a week being on life support after he was found on the morning of March 4 when he attempted suicide by hanging himself, sheriff and Border Patrol officials said. There was no note with a possible motive for the suicide, the local authorities said.

Two weeks ago, Santa Cruz was detained for “trespassing at an El Paso rail yard,” according to the El Paso Times.

He was turned over to the Border Patrol, and arrested for illegal re-entry.

“Santa Cruz allegedly admitted to agents to climbing onto a train and illegally crossing the border that same day,” the paper reports.

El Pais points out it is the second suicide by an illegal alien since Donald Trump became president.

“In February, an immigrant named José Luis Jiménez jumped off a bridge after being turned back by US authorities for the third time. Eyewitnesses said that right before jumping, he screamed in desperation at having to return to Mexico,” the paper reports.