Trump supporters came out in force at a recent Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors meeting to condemn efforts to declare the city or county a sanctuary for illegal immigrants, and the majority were minorities outraged by the idea.

The board was considering Agenda Item 14 – a report by county officials on ways to protect illegal immigrants from deportation – when numerous minority Trump supporters took over the meeting to offer a piece of their mind, a YouTube video of the meeting shows.

Robt Peete, a black man decked out in Make America Great Again gear, didn’t hold back.

“Only thing I have to say is this is a bunch of bull crap because I ain’t going to have nobody spend my tax dollars for some illegals. You cannot come to my neighborhood and sell in my neighborhood and do whatever they want,” Peete said.

“I don’t care what any of them say because they’re not even supposed to be here,” he added, pointing to illegal immigrants who attended the meeting.

“I live in the hood,” Peete said. “I know those candy houses they got in the projects are secretly heroin houses. They sell dope …

“On Olympic, you can go up in there and buy all the fake IDs, there’s so much fakeness going on.”

Peete vowed to “expose everything” about illegal immigrants in the community and called out several board members by name before he was escorted from the podium.

“Thank you, sir, for your rant,” Third District supervisor Sheila Kuehl said. “Next speaker please.”

Candance Camper, a homeless black woman, picked up where Peete left off.

She criticized board members for moving to protect illegal immigrants while ignoring the plight of legal homeless residents, and highlighted serious safety concerns with illegal immigrants that run drug cartels in the city.

“The American people are fearful now due to the Mexican cartels who are upset because they are going to be deported and now they’re attacking American families and my son was one of them who was attacked by these Hispanic cartels,” Camper said. “These are the kind of dangerous people you guys have in our county.”

“It’s Americans first, and we will call the federal government on all of you guys to get our country back,” she told the board to a raucous applause from the audience.

Next up was a Hispanic woman who identified herself as a legal immigrant from El Salvador.

Donning a Trump-Pence “Drain the Swamp” hat, she addressed the board “on behalf of the Latino community that are here legal.

“As an immigrant from El Salvador, I strongly disagree that California is even considering sheltering illegal criminals that have broken the law instead of prioritizing our legal citizens,” she said. “Look around on the streets, we have homeless sleeping on the streets, we have veterans without no food, we have children without proper care.

“Are you guys aware that the California deficit went from $37 million to $300 million in just one year? We cannot afford to be helping illegal criminals,” the woman continued. “The use of our tax dollars to fund illegal aliens – it’s prohibited by the Constitution of the United States, and I learned that when I became a citizen.”

“California needs to protect our legal citizens first,” she said. “God bless America.”

Denise Zamora, a spokeswoman for Latinos for Trump, also vented her frustrations with the sanctuary proposal.

Zamora provided board members with an education about the U.S. Constitution before defending President Trump’s move to crack down on illegal immigration in the country.

“You may not like him, but I voted for him and 30 percent of Hispanics in California voted for him,” Zamora said. “So I say to you, what part of illegal don’t you understand? What part of each country has their own laws and constitutions don’t you understand? And what part of Donald Trump’s loud and blunt truth don’t you understand?”

Another Spanish speaking resident who used an interpreter questioned why officials did not move to protect illegal immigrants until Trump became president, voiced opposition to sanctuary status, and accused board members of political posturing against Trump.

Betty Retama, a spokeswoman for America First Latinos, also took to the podium to chastise board members for aiding and abetting illegal immigrants.

“Legal assistance for illegals is one of the most insane statements I can think of,” Retema said, adding that members of America First Latinos attempted to speak with their district supervisor at a field office in Huntington Park but “they locked the door and refused to talk to us.”

“You are all breaking the law,” Retama told board members. “The Constitution is the supreme law of the land and any law that doesn’t correlate with the Constitution is in itself an illegal law, like the illegals.”