Elizabeth Warren thinks Neil Gorsuch should not be allowed to join the U.S. Supreme Court because “the sitting president of the United States is under investigation.”

In a pow-wow with DNC leaders Tom Perez and Keith Ellison, Warren said the Senate should “pause” Gorsuch’s nomination.

“So here we are, we’re having these hearings around the Supreme Court, but we also had another hearing and that’s the hearing in which the FBI has revealed that the sitting president of the United States is under investigation,” Warren said.

“And it raises a really, I think, important question and that is whether or not a president who is under investigation by the FBI ought to be ramming through a Supreme Court nominee that would have a lifetime appointment.

“Why isn’t this a moment for us just to pause and let this investigation by the FBI kind of get resolved and once that’s been resolved, then — and let’s just be clear, the Republicans thought it was fine to leave that seat open for an entire year,” Warren said, gritting her teeth.

“I they think it’s okay to leave it open for a year, why not leave it open until the FBI investigation is completed,” she said. “Is everybody for that?” Warren asked soliciting cheers from the friendly audience.

“Eight is enough!” Ellison chimed in, referring to the number of justices still on the court.