Maybe the third time’s a charm for Hillary Clinton.

Clinton mega donor Haim Saban tells Israeli Channel 2 that people shouldn’t assume Hillary won’t run for president again in 2020.

Saban, the Power Rangers creator who spent more than $12 million to elect Clinton, according to Haaretz, said, “Don’t assume anything.

“Don’t assume she won’t run.”

In the interview, Saban said Clinton told her, “I let you down, my friend.”

“It’s the world you let down, not me,” he said in response.

“My heart broke for her,” Saban said. “She had to sit there and watch this man, and I know what she thinks of him, become president.”

While Saban isn’t sure what Clinton will do next, he said, “One thing I can promise you, to go back to tending her garden, she won’t do.”

The mega donor dismissed the idea that Clinton would be too old to run a third time.

“Didn’t Reagan run three times until he was elected?” Saban said.