Many in the White House press corps have a raging case of Trump Derangement Syndrome.

It flared up again when the White House released images of the commemorative eggs that will be available for purchase to celebrate the annual White House Easter Egg roll.

Pastel versions of the official egg are $8.50. A gold version is $14.95.

The eggs will feature the signature of President Trump and First lady Melania Trump.

The seemingly innocuous announcement triggered public hackles from mainstream media reporters.

New York Times reporter Julie Davis: “Forget those silly pastel/rainbow colors of White House East Egg Rolls past; Trump’s Easter eggs will be GOLD.”

Associated Press White House reporter Jonathan Lemire chimed in, “Gold. Of Course.”

And left-wing Politico couldn’t pass up the opportunity to get a dig in, either. Reporter Edward-Isaac Dovere was apparently offended that there would be gold eggs, and that they would be “selling them at a $6 premium.”

But it turns out the Trump-hating reporters have egg on their faces: Obama sold gold eggs first.

After firing off her initial tweet, Julie Davis actually did some research and discovered gold eggs were available for sale last year:

Davis conceded the gold eggs are “not a Trump innovation.”

Were the reporters so upset or sarcastic when Obama sold them last year?