According to Nancy Pelosi, the idea that former Obama adviser Susan Rice sought intelligence on Donald Trump’s team is fake.

In her words, it’s “cooked up.”

While addressing reporters today, the House Minority Leader floated a new conspiracy theory that the intelligence was manufactured and House Intelligence Committee chairman Devin Nunes was duped by the White House into believing it.

“The White House has made fools of their allies in the House of Representatives in the way they’ve handled this,” Pelosi said.

“They cook up some intelligence. They bring the cha– the rank — the chairman of the committee who has a very distinguished position, which he has tarnished. They use him as a tool to tell him what they have cooked up.

“‘Now you go tell the president what we cooked up and try to represent to the American people that this is legitimate intelligence,'” Pelosi said, speculating what some unnamed White House advisers told Nunes.

She then quickly moved on from her new conspiracy theory and no reporters questioned it.

Numerous Democrats and sympathetic media agencies, such as CNN, quickly tried to marginalize and dismiss the Monday Fox News report that former Obama national security adviser Susan Rice had requested intelligence on Trump’s team and unmasked the identities of Americans having conversations with foreign governments.