If a Miami youngster showed up to school today and taught his friends some new words, his teacher can thank Democratic National Committee chairman Tom Perez.

During the second stop of his “unity” tour on Wednesday in Miami, Florida, Perez continued his recent practice of peppering his speeches with swear words.

“Unfortunately we have a president who day in and day out, it’s chaos, it’s carnage,” Perez shouted, his voice cracking.

“He’s a damn liar!” he bellowed, responding to someone in the audience. “That’s what I say pal! You’re goddamn right he’s a liar!”

Ridiculing the recent “Buy American, Hire American” executive order, Perez took a shot at Ivanka Trump.

“Why don’t you apply that to your own damn family business!” he yelled.

Turning his sights on the failed replacement of Obamacare, Perez made fun of Trump Towers, and other enterprises bearing Trump’s name.

“Well, I have a name for it. It’s ‘I don’t care,’ because the Republican leadership doesn’t give a shit about people who are suffering!” he shouted.

Perez went on to say he asked police to put out an APB for Congressman Carlos Curbelo after he supported the replacement and said no one would lose their insurance.

“That’s bullshit my friends!” Perez declared.

A short time later, Perez noticed a “young child” in the audience and temporarily cleaned up his language.

Instead of his blue language, he called Trump’s statements a “lie” and “faulty stuff.”

But only moments later, Perez said the Republicans’ “skinny budget” should actually be called a “shitty budget.”

Perez used similar language at a Tuesday stop in Portland, Maine.

Except there, he recounted visiting a west coast shipping dock and observing “big ass pallets.”