In explaining Barack Obama’s post-presidency plans, advisor Valerie Jarrett made an eyebrow-raising claim that could arguably be the fault of her boss: young people don’t care about America.

During a taped interview on Thursday’s “Morning Joe,” Jarrett said Obama is going back to his community organizer roots to find “Barack Obama 2.0s.”

Mike Brzezinski asked Jarrett if Obama “could come back and save the party,” prompting a laugh from Jarrett.

Never mind “the party” lost over 1,000 seats of power during Obama’s 8 years in office.

“What he’s interested in doing is finding the next Barack Obama 2.0s. Who are the next generation of leaders that he can support and nurture and help grow,” Jarrett said.

“How can we get young people to think ‘Why don’t I run for office? Why don’t I get engaged?’

“It’s very easy to complain from the cheap seats,” Jarrett said. “What we want to see people do is actually roll up their sleeves and get involved.

“Government will only be as good as we demand that it be,” she said.

Jarrett said the Obama Center is going to promote “civic engagement,” including running for office.

“You know he began his career as a community organizer. I think he’s looking forward to going back to that and use his incredibly powerful platform — the Obama Center — to excite and nurture and get young people to want to care about their country and make it better,” Jarrett said.

Barack Obama was most recently plotting his new community organizing endeavors aboard a gas-guzzling yacht in Tahiti, CNN reports.

That was after he spent a month sunning himself in French Polynesia.