A series of videos posted to YouTube allege police involved with the recent riot at the University of California Berkeley fired flash-bangs and smoke bombs at Trump supporters to incite violence during the standoff with Antifa protestors.

Self-described munitions expert Thomas Wictor analyzed several videos from the violence last weekend and compared the footage to claims anti-fascists tossed M-80 fireworks and smoke bombs at their political foes during the melee.

One video alleges that “on April 15, 2017, officers of the Berkeley Police Department fired stun grenades at protestors” from nearby building rooftops, and “the goal of using stun grenades on the crowds was to incite murder that would be blamed on President Trump.”

The video alleges “there is no photographic evidence that Antifa threw fireworks” at Trump supporters, and provides several examples of M-80 explosions and the exploding devices at the riots that seem to make it clear they’re not the same thing.

In one clip, a fight breaks out immediately after one of the explosions leaves a crater in the lawn near the pro-Trump crowd as police watch the violence from an adjacent rooftop. Another appears to show two concussion or sound grenades exploding above the warring sides.

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“The officer on the roof lowers his binoculars after the explosions,” according to the 5-minute video.

A short time later, a smoke grenade enraged Trump supporters, who retaliated against the Antifa crowd.

“The smoke grenade had the desired effect,” according to the video, which follows with footage of several violent fights breaking out.

In a different video, Wictor took a closer look at the smoke device and compared it to “pull-ring smoke generators” issued to law enforcement.

“Why did it make so much smoke?” the video reads. “Because it’s a device used by law enforcement.”

The video makes the same comparison between M-80 explosions in videos posted online and the far more powerful explosions at Berkeley, which appear to more closely match police stun grenades demonstrated in police training videos.

“There’s absolutely no doubt: The Trump supporters were hit with police smoke and stun grenades,” according to Wicktor’s analysis.

Yet another clip in the video seems to show one of the devices were launched into the Trump crowd from the Antifa side, and it appeared to be much larger than an M-80.

The video then concludes with some serious accusations.

“Berkeley police officers illegally masqueraded as Antifa and illegally threw munitions at Trump supporters,” Wictor alleges. “That’s why the Berkeley Police Department stood down. Their own officers were instigators of violence.

“Attorney General Sessions, do your job. This MUST stop.”