Bill Nye the “science guy” is gaining a new reputation as Bill Nye the “eugenics guys” after a recent episode on this Netflix show “Bill Nye Saves The World.”

Nye tackled the subject of overpopulation during the show’s season finale on Tuesday, and hosted a panel discussion that included the question: “Should we have policies that penalize people for having extra is in the developed world?”

Nye, a high-profile climate change activist, posed the question after panelist Travis Reider of Johns Hopkins University alleged that “the average Nigerian emits .1 metric tons of carbon annually.

“How many does the average American emit? Sixteen metric tons,” Reider said before concluding that “our two kids are way more problematic” for climate change than larger families in developing nations.

“Nigerians with an average of seven children are not the problem when it comes to climate change,” he said.

Reider told Nye we should “at least consider” penalizing parents in developed nations with “extra kids,” to which Nye replied: “’At least consider it’ is, like, ‘Do it!’”

Rachel Snow, chief of population development for the United Nations, intervened.

“I would take issue with the idea that we do anything to incentivize fewer children or more child. … It’s justice and human rights,” she said. “People should have the number of children they want and the timing of children and if some families have five or six children, God bless them, I mean, that’s fine. But most people end up with fewer.”

Another panelist, Montefiore Medical Center director of family planning Nerys Benfield, pointed out that poor and minority women would be disproportionately impacted by policies that penalize parents for “extra kids.”

“These people, in the name of ‘climate change,’ are beginning to sound an awful lot like the eugenicists of the early 20th century,” DanJanTube posted in the comments of a YouTube clip of the show. “Disturbing.”

Others attacked Nye and Netflix on Twitter.

“This might be the darkest show Netflix has ever streamed,” Chris Morgan tweeted.

“Bill Nye, Eugenics Guy,” Mark Hemmingway posted.

“So who else in the party of ‘reproductive rights’ wants to punish people who exercise those rights?” Jonah Goldberg questioned.

The population control for the sake of climate change debate certainly isn’t the first to raise eyebrows on Nye’s new show.

Earlier this month Nye hosted actress Rachel Bloom for a “very special,” “cool little segment” about trans sex called “My Sex Junk.” The segment included Bloom rapping about her “sex junk” with lyrics like: “This world of ours is so full of choice. But must I choose between only John or Joyce? Are my options only hard or moist? My vagina has its own voice.”

The performance featured a man ripping off his pants while Nye jammed in the DJ booth.

“Versatile love may have some butt stuff,” Bloom said. “It’s evolution, ain’t nothing new. There’s nothing taboo about a sex stew.”

Nye told Bloom the cringeworthy performance sends “exactly the right message.”

Folks who watched the video on YouTube seemed to disagree, as 54,967 gave the video a thumbs down, as opposed to 867 who gave it a thumbs up.

“I’m not a Christian but I feel like reading the Bible after watching this shit,” Randy Marsh wrote in the comments.

“I am one of hundreds of thousands who have moved from center left to far right in the past 3 years and it’s all thanks to you,” another viewer, THICC SUCC, wrote. “Your propaganda is having the exact opposite effect of what you intended.”