Maybe the Earth would be better off if the people who say they care so much about it just stayed home and didn’t create more garbage.

Or better yet, if they showed a little more respect for the rest of us and simply cleaned up after themselves.

The “Climate March” just wrapped up in Washington, DC, and photos show the place was left trashed.

Several photos posted by Rebel Media’s Jack Posobiec show the streets of the national’s capital littered with garbage left by the protesters.

“#ClimateMarch completely trashes DC,” Posobiec reported on Twitter, and sharing these photos:

Garbage overflowed from cans and onto the sidewalks and gutters.

Protesters just left their signs under trees, leaving them for someone else to clean up:

One sign reading “Caring for Creation” was thrown along a building.

An entire wooden protest structure representing a “Trojan Oil Drum” was just “left on the sidewalk,” according to Posobiec:

It claimed “climate activists” were inside. Alas, it was just an empty piece of trash left for someone else to clean up.