A new Hillary Clinton email published by Wikileaks appears to show Clinton forwarding an email to close aide Huma Abedin containing a virus, potentially infecting her, Abedin’s, or both, of their computers.

Clinton received an email from a Jonathan Weston in November 2009 with the subject line, “I Thought You Might Enjoy This.”

Weston, whose signature listed identified him as the Congressional Liaison Coordinator for the U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission, emailed Clinton a report from his organization.

When Abedin forwarded the email to herself, “***VIRUS***” was added to the subject line, indicating an anti-virus program determined the attachment was infected.

“Pls print,” Clinton wrote to Abedin, requiring her to open the attachment, thereby infecting her computer. “And who is he?” she added.

Abedin forwarded that email from her clintonemail.com account to another account, which was partially redacted.

Wikileaks is speculating that the email may have allowed the Chinese to hack Clinton’s and/or Abedin’s machine.

“Email trail shows that Hillary Clinton may well have been hacked by a Chinese ‘spear fishing’ virus in 2009 she then forwarded to Abedin,” Wikileaks tweeted.