U.S. Rep. Maxine Waters, of California, loves to talk about President Trump’s alleged connections to the Russians, and her “greatest desire” to see him impeached for colluding with the Russian government to win the 2016 election.

As CNN put it last month, Waters “is having a moment” with her daily tirades against the president and she’s capitalizing on the momentum through social media, at rallies and in non-stop appearances on television news programs.

But Waters herself admitted on a recent podcast with The Washington Post that there’s absolutely no evidence the Trump campaign colluded with the Russians in 2016, though she’s vowed to continue to focus her efforts on the issue nonetheless.

“You leveled a whole lot of accusations out there about collusion and hacking and all of that. Now have you seen anything – either in intelligence briefings or anything – to back up the accusations that you’ve made?” Cape Up radio host Jonathan Capenhart asked Waters.

“Don’t forget, all of our intelligence agencies said ‘Yes, they have the documentation they did the hacking’ on the DNC, and some of us” Waters said.

“But the collusion, though?” Capenhart interjected.

“No, we have not,” Waters said. “And that’s why the investigations are so important – to drill down and connect those dots, and to get the facts.

“What we have is a lot of smoke that causes us to want to know more about what has happened,” she said. “Why is it that there is so many people around him are connected to oil? Why is it that Michael Flynn – who evidently has a great relationship with Putin, who has received payments for so-called speeches, and who has spent a lot of time in Russia and was accused of talking about sanctions and he lied about it and got caught.”

The complete lack of any evidence supporting Waters’ allegations of the Trump campaign colluding with Russia certainly hasn’t deterred the 78-year-old career politician from promoting the idea and relentlessly calling for Trump’s impeachment on dozens of occasions since he took office.

Ironically, HeatStreet in late April uncovered several connections between Waters and the Russians.

According to the site:

Waters has long been a close associate of the radical Workers World Party, a militant left-wing group that has expressed sympathy for anti-American governments such as North Korea’s, Cuba’s, Iran’s, and Iraq’s under Saddam Hussein.

The party also has favorable views of the Russian invasion of Ukraine and of its progenitor, Russian President Vladimir Putin. The opinions of the Workers World Party and its sister groups are often broadcast by RT (formerly Russia Today), a Kremlin propaganda arm. …

Heat Street has identified at least three instances in which Waters directly or indirectly participated in the Workers World Party’s activities (in 2004, 2005, and 2009.)

Both Waters and The Workers World Party refused to discuss the relationship when contacted by HeatStreet.