Nancy Pelosi’s bizarre behavior is now reaching an international audience.

While leading a Congressional delegation to visit the Dalai Lama in Dharamsala, North India on Tuesday, the House Minority Leader was seen stuttering, repeating words, calling China “Tina,” and telling a joke that garnered laughs only from the Americans.

Starting her short speech, Pelosi said, “Personally, I say, Tashi Delek, Tashi Delek, Tashi Delek, Tashi Delek…” repeating herself.

“And I want to say how proud we all are to be here with our chargé d’affaires Mary Kay Carlson from the American embassy in, in, in, in New Dehli,” Pelosi said, stuttering.

Her attempt at a joke fell flat.

“So I understand that this beautiful song about His Holiness’s 80th birthday is a wish that he lives to be 113 years old. I am sure that we all associate ourselves with that remark and I know it’s good news to the government of Beijing.”

The Dalai Lama stood motionless as the American delegation appeared to be the only ones laughing.

“When we see the sparkle in the eyes of the children yesterday in the children’s vision–uh, village,” Pelosi said.

Later Pelosi repeated herself several times.

Talking about a medal the Congress gave the Dalai Lama, Pelosi said, “Many enduring and outstanding contributions to peace and enduring contributions to peace, non-violence…”

Moments later, she said, “When we were in Tibet, they said to us, ‘We support, we support religion. We gilded the roof of the temple– we painted the roof of the temple– we gilded the roof.'”

It’s not clear whether the Chinese had a hard time speaking, according to her quote, or Pelosi herself.

She continued, “We said back to them, ‘We’re not interested in what you’re gilding the roof. We’re interested that you’re guarding the minds of the children and we’re interested in freedom of education, of culture and religion in Tibet, not painting the roof of the temple.”

Ending her speech, Pelosi referred to China as “Tina.”