Like any Republican candidate in a big-city district, Omar Navarro is facing any uphill battle.

But Navarro isn’t challenging just any member of Congress — he’s taking on the newest darling of the left, Maxine Waters.

Navarro launched his campaign on Monday on the sidewalk outside Waters’ home in Hancock Park, a tony neighborhood in Los Angeles, which he said is outside the 43rd congressional district in California.

Here’s a Google street view of the property:

Both Zillow and House Canary — two website that estimate the value of residential properties — report Waters’ home on Lucerne Boulevard is valued at $3.9 million.

Navarro criticized the residents and accused them of hypocrisy.

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“They’re against borders but yet they have big fences and cameras, I see, on some of these homes,” he said during a Periscope broadcast, “yet they’re against protecting the border.”

Outside the home, Navarro said, “While her community struggles, her home is nice.”

“Look at the gates!” the challenger continued as he showed barriers in front of the doors and carriage entrances.

As supporters held “Straight Outta Torrence” signs and a Mariachi band played the National Anthem, Navarro announced his campaign.

“Maxine Waters is out of touch with the district and the issues going on in the district,” Navarro said.

“It took us an hour and 15 minutes to come here — that’s how far she lives from her district,” he said.

“She’s living in a community that isn’t broken. How is someone that’s in Congress gonna understand the real needs of her district if she’s not living in that community,” Navarro said.