Democrats are now trying to scare old people in an effort to turn them against President Trump.

During a press conference in front of the Capitol today, House Democratic Whip Steny Hoyer claimed Trump’s budget would mean the end of the private, non-profit Meals On Wheels.

“This budget will make it harder to send your hits to college,” he said.

“Harder to access job training to get ahead. Harder for seniors to access Meals On Wheels. As a matter of fact, there will be no Meals On Wheels,” Hoyer said.

But the last time Democrats tried to scare senior citizens who rely on the program, it was revealed that government funds are only a tiny portion — 3.3% — of the organization’s revenues.

Fox News reported in March:

President Trump’s proposed cuts to the popular “Meals on Wheels” program have prompted dire warnings — but they appear to ignore the fact that only a fraction of the program’s national budget comes from the government. 

A glance at “Meals on Wheels America’s” 2015 financial statement shows the program brought in just over $7.5 million in funding that year, mainly from corporate and foundation grants making up $5.15 million.

Government grants made up just $248,347 of the funding – or 3.3 percent of total funds.

Just a few month’s ago, Hoyer’s claims are what CNN would have called “fake news.” Today, the network will probably breathlessly report them as facts.