Even Satan doesn’t want to be associated with Kathy Griffin.

After the attention-starved “comedian” participated in a photo shoot where she posed with the bloody severed head resembling that of President Trump, and the image was posted on Tuesday, the Church of Satan disavowed her.

Mike Cernovich tweeted, “CNN has yet to issue a statement about Satanic-ISIS death threats made by its employee Kathy Griffin.”

The Church of Satan responded, “Please do not include us in this.”

One entity, however that is still including Griffin in its broadcasts is CNN.

The network released a statement calling Griffin’s stunt “disgusting and offensive” but has yet to take action against its New Year’s Eve co-host.

“We are evaluating our New Year’s Eve coverage and have made no decisions at this point,” CNN’s Dylan Byers tweeted.

President Trump slammed Griffin, writing she “should be ashamed of herself,” adding that his 11-year-old son is “having a hard time with this.”

Meanwhile, late Tuesday night, Griffin — or someone resembling her — tweeted an apology video:


“I am sorry. I went too far. I was wrong,” she said, despite being caught on video mocking the impending firestorm during the photo shoot.