As a wave of anti-Sharia Law marches take place across the country, Sharia proponents were kept at bay by North Carolina police.

Video footage from outside the state capitol shows a police line keeping both sides apart.

Local reporter Robert Richardson deemed to proponents of Sharia as an “anti-Islamophobia crowd”:

Police could be seen pushing the pro-Sharia mob back as they got closer to the protesters.

Meanwhile, feminists who apparently support the subjugation and oppression of women, rallied against the anti-Sharia forces in Chicago:

“First they came for the Muslims and we said not today motherf*ckers,” one sign read.

Others chanted against ACT for America, the group organizing the anti-Sharia protests.

“ACT for America, facts don’t work for ya,” they chanted, some covering their faces Antifa-style.

In Seattle, cameras captured counter-protesters with their printed signs still in the boxes:

NBC News reports ACT for America has organized rallies in 20 U.S. cities, including New York, Dallas and Atlanta.