A tense moment was diffused with pepper spray and fast driving after proponents of sanctuary cities followed Maxine Waters’ opponent Omar Navarro and David Feiner of The Red Elephants.

The two had just left a city council meeting in Cudahy, California where the topic was protections for illegal immigrants.

Video shows them walking down the sidewalk and be pursued by a large group of people chanting, “Whose streets? Our streets!”

“They don’t respect the law. They want to go after you. They want to get physical. They got nothing better to do,” Navarro said as they continued walking down the street.

“All I’m doing is talking here but they don’t respect the law,” he continued.

As they got to their car, the protesters stopped and surrounded it, and berated Navarro and Feiner.

As the mob pounded on the car, Feiner could be seen shooting pepper spray out the window to get them back and the car sped away.

ABC 7 reports tempers were high at the Cudahy meeting:

Protests got heated during a meeting Monday night about sanctuary city status in Cudahy and immigration rights.

Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies were on standby outside the gathering as city residents and a group of protesters clashed.

Emotions ran high as opposing groups traded insults and screamed at each other before the meeting. During the meeting, the debate was heated as well, but 38 sheriff’s deputies kept things from getting out of hand.

“We’re going to remain a sanctuary city, whether people like it or not,” Mayor Chris Garcia said.

That’s apparently not good enough for the people pursuing their political opponents.