Never mind President Trump has been in office for six months — Nancy Pelosi still thinks George W. Bush is president.

During an interview with KTVU, Pelosi once again referred to Trump as “President Bush.”

“Everything we have seen so far with the president has been about tax cuts for the rich,” she told the news station.

“In fact, affecting California very directly, is the Affordable Care Act. President, uh, uh, Bush has come out against that as you know,” she said, not correcting herself.

During a weekly press conference in June, the House Minority Leader referred to President Trump as “President Bush” yet again.

Explaining what she sees a Trump’s method for handling people, Pelosi said, “New Yorkers have said to me, those who have had business dealings with him, he operates this way:

“First he tries to charm you. President Bush tries to charm you. If that doesn’t work…”

“Trump,” a reporter interjected, trying to cover for Pelosi’s latest flub.

“…he tries to bully you,” she continued, not picking up the reporter’s lifeline.

“If that doesn’t work, he walks away from the deal. And if that doesn’t work, he sues you,” Pelosi said.

Pelosi declared the president “needs work and he needs sleep.”

Several minutes later, an aide slipped Pelosi a piece of paper and she corrected herself.

At the end of May, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi referred to Bush as the current president.

Talking about her battles with Republicans over abortion, Pelosi said, “For decades I’ve served in Congress and for decades I’ve had to fight the Republicans’ opposition to birth control, contraception and family planning.

“They do not believe in it,” Pelosi declared at The Commonwealth Club in San Francisco. “And a lot of those people voted for George— for, what’s his name?” she asked, apparently struggling to remember President Trump’s name.

“The president of the United States,” she said. “I’ll honor the position.”

During an April appearance on “This Week” today, Pelosi mistakenly called President Trump “President Bush.”

“I’m so sorry, President Bush,” Pelosi said, correcting herself, and looking to the sky. “I never thought I would pray for the day that you were president again.”

During a press conference in February, Nancy Pelosi again thought George W. Bush was still the president.

“We’ve seen nothing where we can where — where I can work with President Bush on…” Pelosi said as Maxine Waters’ face dropped and she muttered to her colleagues.

“I’m disappointed because I thought there might be some interest because of what he said in the campaign.

“It turned out to be not true, a hoax and really dangerous to economic stability of America’s working families,” Pelosi said.

That time, Pelosi didn’t correct herself.