Nancy Pelosi appears to have issues, but Democrats continue making her their spokesperson anyway.

The House Minority Leader repeatedly misspoke during brief remarks with her colleagues late Friday, and at one point even awkwardly froze up.

She criticized the “actions of the Trump administration as relation— related to the rule of the law.”

“The Trump administration and the Trump family have pa— eagerly ex— uh, intended to collude with a hostile foreign policy,” she said, likely intending to say “power” instead of “policy.”

“Members of Congress take a sa— sacred oath,” Pelosi struggled to say moments later.

“What do the Russians have politically, financially, uh, uh, or— and any— personally on Donald Trump that he fawns over Putin, uh, questions sanctions, uh—” she said, then froze.

“Uh— is— reckless when it comes to Article V,” Pelosi finally said.

Her statement condemning Jared Kushner lost its effect as she repeatedly herself.

“It’s absolutely ridiculous that he should have, have that, that clearance,” she said.

“Today we are announcing a new coo-nated effort to force votes to get answers for the American people she said, struggling to say “coordinated.”

“We will force Republicans to take votes on the record to continue, uh, from, from hiding the facts from the American people,” Pelosi said, effectively stating Republicans are being transparent.

As the House Minority Leader introduced several of her colleagues who took swings at the Trump pinata, she fumbled, “House Republicans will have to ask for their actions and one of the questions they will have— some of the questions they will have to answer will be posed by our colleagues…”

She went on to introduce her sidekick Maxine Waters, who called the Trump family a “criminal enterprise.”