The Clinton News Network is apparently opposed to President Trump’s war on MS-13, the vicious Latin American gang that infiltrated the United States during Barack Obama’s time in office.

CNN featured two allegedly members of the gang, and they used their time on screen to attack Trump, and claim his efforts are actually helping MS-13.

In a video posted by the network on Friday, the gang members, who had their voices digitally altered and their identities concealed, criticized the president’s efforts to rid America of the murderous thugs.

They contend because the Trump administration is increasing its efforts to crack down on illegal immigration, the gang is seizing on the fear to exploit illegals.

“They feel like they can do whatever they want because Trump himself has made everybody fear,” one man, identified as “Alex,” said.

“All the immigrants they feel like if they go to the police or something they getting deported,” he said.

“Because of what Trump is saying that all the Hispanics are bad and everything,” he adding, echoing a talking point of the left, despite no evidence of it actually ever being said.

CNN didn’t fact check the gang member’s erroneous statement and let it stand as fact.

An illegal immigration advocate told CNN MS-13 is targeting illegals whose immigration status is in “transition.”

“What I think about … is the way that this administration has been using this as an excuse to advance their agenda of deporting and criminalizing immigrants,” Walter Barrientos, and organizer with Make the Road New York told CNN.

President Donald Trump addressed the issue at Suffolk Community College Friday.

“I have a simple message for every gang member and criminal alien that are threatening so violently our people: We will find you. We will arrest you. We will jail you. And we will deport you,” Trump said to wild applause.

The MS-13 “animals,” Trump said, “have transformed peaceful parks and beautiful, quiet neighborhoods into bloodstained killing fields.”