Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe ignored an invitation to condemn violence by left-wing counter protesters in Charlottesville today, but he was eager to denounce right-wing demonstrators.

During a press conference after a driver mowed down several protesters, the rumored Democratic presidential prospect McAuliffe said, “It is time for this nation to come together and to stop the hateful rhetoric.

The governor denounced “these white supremacists and these Nazis,” but ignored a question about whether he would include the left-wing pro-violence Antifa in his condemnation.

“Do you condemn Antifa as well?” a reporter asked.

McAuliffe ignored the question and walked out of the room.

There was plenty of examples of attacks by leftists in Charlottesville today.

Here, a counter protester hurls a newspaper box at demonstrators:

Meanwhile, “white nationalists” gathered and video shows them rushing down stairs to battle the leftists.

More battles: