NBA legend Charles Barkley doesn’t care about Confederate monuments, so he’s a “black white supremacist,” according to The Root’s Michael Harriot.

During a recent interview with WBRC’s Rick Karle, Barkley offered his take on the national controversy surrounding Confederate monuments, but his comments apparently were not black enough.

“I’m not gonna waste my time thinking about these Confederate statues. That’s wasted energy. You know what I’m gonna do? I’m gonna keep doing great things,” Barkely told Karle. “I’m gonna keep trying to make a difference, number one in the black community, because I’m black, but I’m also gonna try to do good things in the world.”

Haters gonna hate, Barkley said, so why bother with them.

“I’m not gonna waste my time screaming at a neo-Nazi who’s gonna hate me no matter what, and I’m not gonna waste my time … worrying about these statues they got all over the country,” he said.

“I don’t give those skinheads, those neo-Nazis, the time of day,” he said.

“I was disappointed so many people went ( to Charlottesville, Virginia) to argue with those fools,” Barkley said. “What did they think was going to happen? If you go to meet idiots, idiotic things are going to happen.”

“Going there, yelling at them, throwing things at each other, getting that young woman killed, getting those two state troopers killed, what did that do? Those people are never going to change.”

Barkely believes other racial issues deserve more attention.

“What we as black people need to do, we need to worry about getting our education,” he said. “We need to stop killing each other. We need to try to find a way to have more economic opportunity and things like that. Those things are important and significant.”

The seemingly logical perspective sent Harriot into a tizzy, labeling the former 11 NBA-All Star the “Round Assclown of Rebound” and questioning his loyalty to his race.

Charles Barkley is a black white supremacist, Harriot wrote.

“Black white supremacists believe that the only correct way to do things is how they envision the white man would do it. A black white supremacist could never find anything wrong with a white man’s methodology, so he or she continually contorts him- or herself to end up on the Caucasian side of the argument,” Harriot wrote.

He then ranted about underfunded schools, white-on-white crime, disparities in business loans and hiring, before returning to his premise: Charles Barkley is a black white supremacist.

“Apparently, we don’t focus enough on education and money, like the smart, genius Caucasians do, so … umm … that’s why the statues shouldn’t come down. Barkley answered a question about monuments to white supremacy by going into a rant about black-on-black crime and insinuating that it somehow had something to do with black people being dumb and poor. Because Barkley doesn’t want to hear logic. He is a true believer in the infallibility and superiority of whiteness.

“Because Charles Barkley is a white supremacist.”